Welcome to "The Early Bird Event!

   Join us for the 2020 National Convention Kick Off Event – The Early Bird!  Enjoy an airconditioned charter bus ride to and from the event site – the Daytona Speedway Racetrack. At the Racetrack you will be ushered into one of the large suites overlooking the racetrack and with access to the outside seating area. Inside, a buffet will begin at 1800 consisting of a Beef, Turkey or Pork slider, a salad and a desert of cookies and brownies. Water and iced tea will be available, and for those wanting something a little stronger, a cash bar will be set up accepting cash and credit purchases. Rotating transportation will begin departing at 1530 from the street in front of the Hilton Resort.  You will be delivered to the parking lot in front of the raceway. Return transportation will begin from the same drop off area at 2000. No admittance without a ticket. 


Reception at the Daytona International Speedway (take a preview by clicking on the image)

Early Bird Special: $55/person (Ticket Cut Off: July 25th, No refunds)

Sunday, August 9th: Time: 1700 - 2000 (Capacity limited to 300)