MCL Thursday Night Baseball


Come out to the ballpark and enjoy America’s greatest pastime. Event includes ticket to the game, access to the VIP Party Pavilion from 6pm- 7pm, hot dogs and chips, two sodas or beer, a Tortuga’s Ball Cap, and an opportunity to participate in an few games between innings. Board charter buses at the street in front of the Hilton Resort which depart at 1600 for the short trip to the ballpark. You will be delivered to the parking lot of the ballpark and will re-board the buses at the same place at the conclusion of the game for the return trip to the hotel. 

During the 7th inning stretch, the Chief Devil Dog and accompanying officers will donate a large check to a local children’s hospital.


Visit the Daytona Tortugas home field by clicking on the image.

MCL Thursday Night Baseball: $45/person Ticket Cut Off: July 25th, No refunds

Thursday, August 13th: Time: 1700 - 2200 (Capacity limited to 50)